Flexible Electronic Paper Patent By Apple

Flexible electronic paper for bridging the gap between magazines and tablets. Apple submitted a new batch of patents with the registry. Of course they got bazillions of patents that won’t ever see production (bazillions is an actual word). Let’s look at one of them for speculation, patent #8,855,727. It is a new bending surface technology […]

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones With Speakers Too

Axent Wear unique way to show and announce your cattitude. Axent Wear cat ear headphones a new addition to the headphone industry, changing the way we listen, thanks to two women named Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu. These two best friends and their amazing team on Indiegogo have made it past their goal of $250,000 and […]

New Space Travel Technology Patented By 19-Year-Old Egyptian

www.inhabitat.com/ www.humanipo.com/

Sunlight Energy Battery Hybrid Collects AND Stores The Juice

Sunlight energy for the first time collected and stored within the same photovoltaic unit, and could mean costs in domestic solar arrays may go down. A research team at Ohio State University are working on a first in the solar power field. Their tinkering in the lab has produced what they’ve deemed a rechargeable solar […]

Hungry Like The Wolf Cartoon Produced By TVR

Hungry Like The Wolf in the process of animation… As you may know The Volt Report is part of the Channel Frederator Network. In the network also, Jochem Wiertz of MediaMoose, had called on network members to make one of Frederators classic animator mash up montages. It is too cool to be too busy for so we […]