Ultimate Bicycle With Electric Motor And Fold Up Ready

Ultimate bicycle for urban commuters that need a smooth ride that can fit in tight storage space, like a break room at work. The V3 Mariner made by quality renowned American e-bike company Prodeco covers all the bases of necessity. It is the perfect fit for cruising in the city from spot to spot, it […]

Magnetic Metals Responsive To Temperature To Amplify Power

Magnetic metals have been introduced to the world as a new form of material that can increase electronic efficiency x5. Professor Ivan Schuller from the University of California, San Diego recently visited the American Physical Society in Denver, CO. There he approached a podium and presented to the conglomeration of engineers a new magnetic material […]

Medical Patches With Smart Technology To Mediate Medicating

Medical patches that can be applied to the skin to administer medications when needed. Along comes a new medical technology that places a patch on the skin that can administer drugs to patients like a super intelligent nicotine patch. The smart skin patch is a result of the medical world’s fascination with a continious and […]

Fresh Healthy Vending Machine Of Locally Grown Organic Food

Fresh healthy vending machine the ‘Farmers Fridge’ dishes out a menu of food on-the-go that is good. In a world where vending machines all over serve a selection primarily of junk food and soda, there arises one vending machine that serves the goods. Fresh veggies, organic meats, locally sourced food, it is the Farmers Fridge. […]