Richard Branson Style French Fries

Richard Branson style french fries is made the same way as In n’ Out Burger’s infamous secret menu item! Anyone who is anyone visiting the West Coast knows to go get some of the In N’ Out Burger food. The secret menu allows customers to order there burgers and fries as ‘animal style’ if they […]

Hoverboard That Actually Works Made By Hendo Hoverboards

Hoverboard that actually works that is actually not a hoax! Remember the Huvr Board promo video that starred big name people like Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd? They promoted a “Huvr Board” like it was really happening, decades after the Huvr Board made a fictional debut in Back To The Future 2, and everyone was […]

Cold Coffee Apocalypse Cartoon Produced By TVR

Cold Coffee Apocalypse is the second addition to the original Cold Coffee Bruhaha. Our first Cold Coffee cartoon was so well received we’ve decided to run a string of them. We’re diving into some character development and building the scene. In a few months we’ll have a full Cold Coffee playlist at the Volt Report […]

Flexible Electronic Paper Patent By Apple

Flexible electronic paper for bridging the gap between magazines and tablets. Apple submitted a new batch of patents with the registry. Of course they got bazillions of patents that won’t ever see production (bazillions is an actual word). Let’s look at one of them for speculation, patent #8,855,727. It is a new bending surface technology […]