Cold Coffee Bruhaha Cartoon Produced By TVR

Cold Coffee Bruhaha is all about that barista hustle struggle insanity. In this cartoon we have our disgruntled worker going brutal on a few orderly customers. If you’ve ever been to a coffee house you’d know that the workers are much more upbeat than our guy in the cartoon. He is more like the worker […]

Wireless Power Pads At Starbucks For Cordless Phone Charging

Wireless power is coming to Starbucks in the form of single seat charging stations! Duracell Powermat and Starbucks today announced that they have begun a national rollout of Powermat wireless charging in Starbucks beginning with stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. The companies will expand Powermat to additional major markets in 2015, with a […]

Autonomous Ground Robot Inches Toward The Light

Guitar Lessons With Two Strums Cartoon Produced By TVR

Guitar Lessons With Two Strums Fazzoli in a how-to instructional guide for guitar students from all walks of life. Youtube is actually an excellent place to go to lear guitar online. Tutorials with songs, scales, chords, everything, taught by experts for days are there. As experts of some kind we decided to add to the […]