Energy Laser Weapon On Navy Ship Zaps Down Boats And Jets

Energy laser weapon on a US Navy ship set sail in the Persian Gulf last november for testing. The U.S. Navy announced Wednesday that a new laser weapon deployed into Persian Gulf earlier this year performed seamlessly during testing that wrapped up in November, and declared the weapon a success. Deployed for the first time […]

Juggernaut Bike With Fat Tires And An Electric Motor

Juggernaut bike because it’s motor is powerful and it’s tires will mash on any land. Electric bikes, or e-bikes, make the pedaling effortless if any effort at all. In the streets people might joke that it’s lazy to ride a bike with a motor if they didn’t see fat tires. They see fat tires on […]

Gold Statues Of Me Cartoon Produced By Ducqets Brand

Gold statues at all corners of the Earth of Dago Ducqets & Cliff Dogg. In the Brand the World series we have seen Ducqet’s Guys all over the globe and on the move. From one event to the next event, and again to another event, Dago & Cliff live it one day to the next. […]

Volt Report Online All Year For The Second Time In Forever

Volt Report! Second year online is a wrap! We’re going interstellar with a space balloon! Two years ago today The Volt Report went online and we started building our presence in the world. To celebrate we planned to launched our own balloon into space! We didn’t do that. We just talked about how cool it’d […]