Ice Bucket Challenge FAIL Cartoon Produced By TVR

Ice Bucket Challenge Fail cartoon is inspired by real people really dumping an outrageous amounts of clean water over their heads for charity… yes, for charity. We are not haters of a good cause here at TVR. In fact, we’ve been consistently giving to multiple charity organizations since we’ve been a company, as well as […]

Microchip Birth Control That Can Be Turned On Or Off At Will

Microchip birth control that can be toggled with a wireless remote control. Our generations have to be having the best sex ever thanks to contraceptives. We’ve got condoms preventing the spread of STDs and multiple resources to prevent pregnancy. With have control over the unwanted aspects of sex now, and that control is still being […]

Tiny Robots Swarm Together In The Largest Assembly Of AI

Tiny Robots at Harvard University have been programmed with an algorithm that accomplishes coordination of a swarm. For the first time ever scientists have been able to program 1,024 robots to accomplish a team task. There robot swarm individuals are tiny, with each bot no more than the size of a penny costing a mere […]

Elephant Day PB & J Cartoon Produced By TVR

Elephant Day PB&J takes us back to the day of black and white jingles with a modern animal rights activism. This cartoon is an example of my I can do it really quick, but not really, kind of attitude. It was Elephant day this week on Tuesday, our day of toonage. All I knew at […]

Caffeine Inhaler Does For You In One Puff What A Latte Would

Caffeine inhaler that works like an asthma inhaler for people that need coffee. So, yeah, coffee is super rad and nobody is disputing that. Granted access consumption of coffee can be bad for ones health, in moderation people tend to live longer with 3 cups a day. So people have been improving on the tasty […]