Floating Solar Power Pod For Calm Pond Like Water

Behold, the Waternest 100 by EcoFloLife. If quaint scenery is your style EcoFloLife got you covered with their Waternest 100. It’s a pod of eco-friendly housing that floats on water. All solar power and sunshine keeps the lights on too so it’d feel good being in, as well as looking good with all the nature […]

Earth Hour 2015 At The Volt Report HQ

Earth Hour 2015 at the HQ and admittedly we have a couple flo lights on still… The clock just struck 8:30PM at the Volt Report headquarters here in Akron, OH. Our appliances are powered down and I, Kenntron, am operating on a Macbook battery supply. By the time this article publishes the festivities in Ohio […]

Dew Collector Greenhouse Pyramid Functional In The Desert

Dew collector mechanism in Roots Up greenhouse pyramid makes for quality farming in the desert. After 10,000 years of human civilization landing in arid desert regions the human race is developing sweet greenhouse technology there. The Roots Up greenhouse is designed for a land in the highlands of Ethiopia, Gondar. They see application of their […]

Costa Rica Has So Far Been All Renewable Energy This Year

Costa Rica, a land rich with hydro power, has relied mostly on that for energy with the help from a few other clean energy sources. As the rest of the world experiences the warmest winter on record ever since keeping of such data has been introduced in 1880, as does Costa Rica. It’s cool though […]

Dago & Cliff Brand The World Short Film Produced By Ducqets

Dago & Cliff Brand The World, a timeless animated short film masterpiece showcasing at 7 film festivals in 2015. The first short film version in a series of Dago & Cliff cartoons. This animation originally uploaded to Youtube in 18 various animations, and today re-animated together to form the Dago & Cliff Brand The World […]