Guitar Lessons With Two Strums Cartoon Produced By TVR

Guitar Lessons With Two Strums Fazzoli in a how-to instructional guide for guitar students from all walks of life. “Now I’m going to show you some scales, look here see…” -Two Strums Fazzoli

Solar And Wind Hybrid Power System Tops A Building In Jamaica

An Electric Car Supercapacitor Fast With Salt Water Power

Robotic Exoskeleton For Paraplegics Approved By FDA

Robotic exoskeleton provides a new ability to walk again for patients who’ve experienced paralyzing spinal cord injuries. The Rewalk personal robotic exoskeleton system has been tested extensively. Trials have shown that paraplegic wearers of the Rewalk have experienced both bodily and mental benefits with the robotic gear. Now, as of last month, the U.S. Food […]

4 Modern Shipping Container Homes Made For Kings

1. Patrick Partouche Mansion Castle. 2. Benjamin Garcia Saxe Costa Rican 1,000 Sq Ft Communion Castle. 3. The Maritime Home Castle Of Marcio Kogan. 4. Adam Kalkin’s House In A House Castle.