Hungry Like The Wolf Cartoon Produced By TVR

Exoskeleton Suit To Scrub More Navy Ships Than Ever Before

Exoskeleton suit made for the Navy saves human scrubbing strength to cover more more ship with cleanliness. The FORTIS robotic exoskeleton is said to increase productivity 20 times over.

Sustainable Urban Agriculture Moving Into Skyscrapers

Sustainable urban agriculture is moving into skyscrapers for the future city, by necessity. In a world with dwindling resources and drought stricken farms, we need to upgrade. With more than half of the human population now residing in cities, it would make sense to upgrade within the city. One way researchers and designers have envisioned […]

Ice Bucket Challenge FAIL Cartoon Produced By TVR

Ice Bucket Challenge Fail cartoon is inspired by real people really dumping an outrageous amounts of clean water over their heads for charity… yes, for charity. We are not haters of a good cause here at TVR. In fact, we’ve been consistently giving to multiple charity organizations since we’ve been a company, as well as […]

Microchip Birth Control That Can Be Turned On Or Off At Will

Microchip birth control that can be toggled with a wireless remote control. Our generations have to be having the best sex ever thanks to contraceptives. We’ve got condoms preventing the spread of STDs and multiple resources to prevent pregnancy. With have control over the unwanted aspects of sex now, and that control is still being […]