Italian Vertical Forest Wins International Award For Ruling

Italian vertical forest, the first of it’s kind, wins the 2014 Highrise award! The interest in the Bosco Verticale towers has been all energetic and then the new pictures coming are fresh with architecture new to modern times. “Bosco Verticale is a marvelous project! It’s an expression of the extensive human need for green. The […]

Dago Ducqet & Cliff Dogg Brand The World

Dago Ducqet & Cliff Dogg Brand The World In the Volt Report studio and online we’ve come to call the Brand The World series BTW. In it our main characters Cliff Dogg & Dago Ducqet (pronounced d-ah-go duke-et), set off on a mission to brand the world with their true to life clothing line Ducqets. […]

HUVr Hoverboard Video With Tony Hawk Realized With Science

HUVr hoverboard hoax with Christopher Lloyd & Tony Hawk had us believing, and already, we get to. Tony Hawk and Dave Carnie last week visited the first ever of any kind of hoverboard park. This visit made in the same year that Hawk was featured in a hoverboard prank video. It is believed that the […]

Wrist Computers All Day For Days

Wrist computers as powerful as lap computers. In 2020, wrist wear technology as powerful as a PC with holographic projector and flexible.

Quality Backpack Sized E-Bike For Urban Commuters

Quality backpack bicycle on that urban tip. Have you ever imagined your daily commute on campus or in the apartment complex pathways was a smoother commute than walking? Impossible Technologies, a dorm room born company of scholars, is on the move to create an outstandingly compact, portable commuter vehicle. Composed of members in Canada and […]