Bedol Water Powered Clock Waking Up The World

Wake up! Provided by a water powered clock.

The maker is Bedol and the water powered clock is named, appropriately, Squirt. There are no batteries required because they’re not an option. There isn’t a plug cord because it doesn’t need it. This technology baby Squirt needs water like a human body. Just filler up and set the time for maximum alarming.

How does it do that? You must ask.

The amazing Bedol Water Clock technology converts ions in the water reserve into clean, consistent, reliable, utilizable, blazing electric energy. Will the water you put in it last forever, no, it only needs refilled every six months! You can hardly wait to refill it again and again for years to come!

The drip drop shape was carefully designed to resemble the resource it utilizes to operate. A grand tinker toy for your kids, your college dorm, and your parents house. You all can start your day reducing your carbon footprints with a clock totally off the grid and powered by the water tap. Behold, Bedol Squirt the water powered clock, a step into a healthier planet.

Go the extra mile and fill your Bedol Squirt with water filtered with your Brita bottle technology!

Fortunately, this water powered clock price tag is not far out of the normal alarm clock range. It is only $26 to purchase online at In fact, that price is only for the Squirt model water powered clock. Prices vary.

Squirt is not the only Bedol water powered clock. Go to the website link just above and discover them for yourself. Buy a few for you, your friends, and possibly donate some to a Christmas charity.

Speaking of Christmas, you bet you know someone who will absolutely adore this geeky gadget in their Christmas stocking or gift box.