Molly Millar Gets A Bicycle Ticket As eBike Sales Uprise

molly-millarMolly Millar is the bicycling fashion editor of Momentum Magazine, and also works an office job that she bicycles to.

Why not bicycle to your job if you can? It is less costly, easier to run an errand at the local quick stop with, some exercise is engaged, and riding around is also fun. If your having bike rack problems, then that sucks to the max.

Molly Millar cycled to work at a Granville Street tower in Vancouver. She parked her high class ride on a bike rack that had no sign of a 15 minute parking rule, and so was issued a parking ticket at her job’s bike rack!

“At the end of the day I noticed I had a ticket on my bike and the ticket said that it was 15-minute parking only and if I did it again they would confiscate my bike,” said Millar. Molly then emailed the buildings management to recommend bike racks for employees be installed.

The buildings owner, Cadillac Fairfiew, responded with this to say, “We do like to encourage cycling to work and our tenants to think about being ‘green’…but we also need to maintain the professional image of the building. We don’t want to encourage all day parking of bikes throughout our plaza, which would deter from this.”

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If bicycles look unprofessional then why are e-bike sales growing every year?

Map Of Vancouver's Advanced Bike Lanes

Map Of Vancouver’s Advanced Bike Lanes

Traffic congestion in urban areas is not as efficiently navigated through in a car as with a bike. Businesses in areas of high traffic congestion will lose business with cars clogging the streets. The exhaust from cars polluting the inner city is directly linked to respiratory issues and heart problems. Driving gasoline fueled cars in a city declines air quality and increases strain on health care providers. Inner city traffic is unprofessional as showing up late because of traffic.

A growing community of people in North America are discovering bicycles fitted with electric motors to make their regular journeys. Called e-bikes, the market for them has been mostly sustained in China and throughout Europe. Even though the United States and Canada and Mexico have less e-bikes, over the next decade the sales project at a doubling in units on North American streets! The increase is because bicycle commuting is totally legit, if not as efficient as driving cars!

Let Molly Millar’s ticket be a loud horn of shinanigans sounded off in all cities of Earth. A bicyclist in the city was fined and threatened with confiscation because bicycles do not look legit! This is the 21st century urban renaissance subject to annual nominal fees.

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