Robot Fighting Championship Trophy Is Bigger Than The Robots

robo-oneRobot fighting has a place on Earth, in Japan, and last year 100 robot teams shown up to do battle.

Robots fighting is an uneasy thought in retrospect. Rest assured, today we’re talking mini-robots, they are a lot cuter than lethal. In the Robo One tournament dozens of tiny fighting robots knuckle up for the championship trophy.

The tournament was begun in 2002 and is put on by Robot Dreams. The competition is held twice a year, when robot winners are awarded $12,000 and a trophy that is much larger than the robots themsleves. The next tournament takes place next month, February 15-16 2014.

Because the sizes of robots entering has been increasing, Robo One Light is now it’s own tournament for robots weighing under 3 kg, and takes place at the Robo One tournament.