San Francisco 49ers Stadium To Be The First Of The NFL To Go Green

Solar Powered and LEED Certified

Solar Powered and LEED Certified

San Francisco 49ers stadium is going to be honored with a LEED certification in 2014.

For now, the Santa Clara stadium will be the first and only green stadium in the United States. Why the Cleveland Browns, with a single wind turbine literally standing next to the stadium, haven’t gone green with LEED certification must be financial. Mad fan signs to San Fran for going the distance!

The San Francisco 49ers stadium will generate enough solar power to energize the entire stadium during the home games. It will feature 3 solar arrays over its bridges and a green canopy above the tower portion of the stadium and the 49ers training center. Fans at the games might not even know energy of the solar panels they’re enjoying, but if they do they’ll be super charged.

Through partnership with NRG Energy, the Santa Clara Stadium Authority and the San Francisco 49ers are bringing sustainable design and power to the NFL. NRG Energy is going to install an array of top level solar voltaics on the San Francisco 49ers stadium, which will generate enough energy over the coming years to offset the power consumed during the gold powered 49ers home games. Challenging teams, like the San Diego Chargers, will then be fortunate enough to be up to date with the future of electricity while at the 49ers stadium.

eco_friendly_football_stadiumThis LEED project will include a 27,000 square foot canopy covered with vegetation, which will both insulate the stadium’s luxury suites and help reduce stormwater runoff. The bridges connecting the stadium to the main parking area and the team’s training center will feature hundreds of solar voltaic panels with a capacity of 400 kilowatts.

This one small step for the NFL, and one giant leap for the 49ers.

“NRG is much more than a Founding Partner, they are providing the energy leadership, infrastructure and expertise to help us achieve the vision of making the new Santa Clara Stadium an economically and environmentally sustainable showcase for innovation,” said Jed York, San Francisco 49ers Chief Executive Officer.

“Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” -Peter F. Drucker