Solar Power Us Up With A PV Ring Placed On The Moon

Solar power us to new heights with a most ambitious Moon wrapped in photovoltaic paneling.

how-do-we-get-solar-energy-from-the-sun-space-dreams-volt-reportEnergy demands on Earth have inspired some of the most insane ideas for providing electricity. One of those ideas realized  in a big way was to harness heat from nuclear radiating rods to spin dynamos, and it has a few times over proven a disasterous way to power up. A most recent nuclear power disaster at the Fukashima power plant in Japan has inspired the devastated nation to keep looking for a cleaner way to generate electricity. The new Japanese idea is either far more insane than nuclear power or the renewable energy solution to all of our planets power needs.

The Luna Ring concept places an enormous ring of solar panels all around the Moon that would beam energy to receivers on Earth! Shimizu Corporation originally proposed the idea in 2010, among a world of crazy energy proposals, but the interst in it really took off after the Fukashima nuclear plant was rocked by an Earthquake into placing Japan well within unprecedented danger. Now, Shimizu Corp is running the Luna Ring proposal with a tone of seriousness that promotes a possibility that it’s construction could begin as early as 2013… That is a sobering reality.

The Luna Ring would be a 250 mile wide x 6,800 mile long belt fitted around the Moon.


More than a planetary fashion statement, the Luna Ring would send some 13,000 terrawatt of power to humble conversion stations on the Earth’s surface. Because the Moon is beyond our clouds there would not be any blockage in harnessing the sun, and the Moon solar energy generation would be continuously beaming to us 24/7. The energy gathered by the Sun is immediately sent to a solar cell facility on the Moon’s side that is always facing Earth, there the electricity is converted to high-energy-density laser beam and microwave power that is directed at receiving stations on Earth where the juice is converted again to electricity for distribution. The Luna Ring can provide a large majority of electricity we humans will utilize in the mid 21st century.

The cost to build such an array is undisclosed by Shimizu Corp. They believe that it can be achieved by 2035, and will not be as outstanding as it seems by utilizing robots that can use the soil on the moon to produce cement stabilizers for the colossal installation. The Japanese Aeronautics Exploration Agency and NASA both have unique plans for 2020 to utilize a similar beaming of energy from space stations to Earth, that may prove the Luna Ring a good idea in the long run. One must worry if there are dangers to microwave and laser beaming stuff through the atmosphere to the Earth’s surface.

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