The Most Epic Eco Friendly Clothes Washer WONDERWASH

Introducing your new clothes washer the Wonderwash!

It is a water conserving, time saving, non-electric alternative to the laundry mat. Perhaps, you’ve seen it on the televised infomercials?

The operation is as basic as can be. You faucet warm water into the drum, dollop in  some eco friendly detergent, fill it with warm water, fit the lid in place so to seal the machine, and the air inside the drum will absorb the heat of the water and expand. When the air expands it creates clothes washer pressure inside the drum. The pressure rushes the detergent into & through the fabric roughly 100 times faster than you could by hand or gargantuan machine. Boom, boom, boom.

The loads come out exactly as clean as with a conventional electrified clothes washer. It has won numerous awards at trade shows and has been purchased by several hundred thousand people since its invention. Wonder Wash performs like a seasoned champion clothes washer.

On top, the eco friend factor is a major bonus. The amounts of water you utilize in a wonder wash vs. how much water is guzzled by a washer machine is heavy. You’ll most definitely notice a decline in your water bill when you implement Wonder Wash the green clothes washer.

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Wonder Wash is ideal for homes without a clothes washer.

You can fit up to a 5 lb load in the drum and have fun while cleaning your gear. Get a slight work out in. The spin cycle requires slightly more than a minute of spinning the barrel, and you don’t have to go ape on it. Just a easy rotation of the drum. Do it once with eco friendly detergent and once with fresh water to rinse. Boom, bap, blip, your clothes washer just reduced your carbon footprint while saving you money. It’s pretty rad, and it has an eco friendly comrad for clothes drying, The Spin Dryer.

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