Vertical Farm In Pennsylvania To Be The World’s Largest

Vertical farm being constructed in Pennsylvania will be the largest of it’s kind and will provide crops from millions of plants.

vertical-farming-system-sustainable-buildings-volt-report-kentronThe recent droughts in the United States are causing a big problem for the agriculture here. We need ways to grow food for hundreds of millions of people no matter what the weather. People in Pennsylvania made arrangements to farm crops weather rain, hail, snow, or drought by constructing the world’s largest vertical farm.

The urban farm is located in Scranton, PA and is scheduled to open this March. It is only a single story tall but covers 3.25 hectares equipped with an industrial racking systems of 4 to five levels of urban agriculture technology. A massive crop from 17 million plants will be cultivated in the building.

The Scranton facility will use 98% less water per unit than traditional agriculture because of extensive recycling systems in place.

urban-vertical-farming-sustainable-buildings-volt-report-kentronMichigan’s Green Spirit Farms (GSF) constructed the place that is supposed to bring about 100 jobs to the region. According to the GSF R&D manager Daniel Kluko, the water will be preserved through measures including the use of a high tech dehumidifier to reap water from the air of rooms harvesting the plants, which also prevents problems like leaf mold.

Inside the building multi-tier racks include full spectrum lighting to brood a variety of fresh veggies like tomatoes, lettuce, brocolli, strawberries and peppers.

The urban farmers will also be collecting comprehensive data on it’s performance connected through the latest smartphone networking technology. Herbicides and pesticides will not be at all needed if properly maintained. Food can grow all year around at the vertical farm in Pennsylvania.

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